Comprehensive  and Social Reconstruction of  Habitat

The first of our strategic lines focuses on developing reconstruction projects in areas that have been affected by social and natural disasters. We’re focused on tackling the aforementioned question in a comprehensive and social way. This is to say that during the process, from the assessment to the planning and implementation based on the participant populations’ decision-making, we seek to carry out projects that improve, the endurance of the traditional building structures, while at the same time contributing to  the recovery of the local production and economy, and  the prevention and mitigation of risks. This is achieved by strengthening community ties through analysis, consensus and the implementation of collective actions as far as their territorial-environmental, socio-cultural, structural, and productive dimensions are concerned.


Mountain Region of Guerrero

Comprehensive Social Reconstruction of the Habitat in the Mountains of Guerrero


Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca

Comprehensive and Social Reconstruction of the Habitat in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

Production and Social Management of the Habitat

The projects that are carried out within this strategy are characterized by work with collective subjects grouped around one, or several, productive activities. These subjects seek to recover their ways of producing and constructing in relation to the environment. This includes traditional construction techniques. Given that these groups express the need to have community centers designed to carry out and promote their productive activity and the formation of other groups, Cooperación Comunitaria provides technical advice and social and integral support in the construction processes. Likewise, it facilitates decision-making and works to reinforce their productive, organizational, and environmental-territorial skills in order to contribute to the sustainable management of common goods that are related to productive activities, and to safeguard biocultural diversity.

Chilón, Chiapas

Constructive Self-management for Food Sovereignty in the Tseltal Communities of Chilón, Chiapas

Mezquital Valley of Hidalgo

Strengthening of the Constructive and Productive Skills of Artisans and Embroiderers in the Mezquital Valley