Our Programs for Community Development recuperate and strengthen pre-existing forms of community organization, support social and economic structures, and promote positive relationships with the surrounding environment. In light of this objective, in addition to our work in the self-construction of living spaces, eco-techniques, and lucrative production, we implement a series of workshops. By emphasizing education and transfer of knowledge, Cooperación Comunitaria seeks to strengthen and contribute to increasing capabilities in a way that enables the community to live harmoniously and with the best possible quality of life.

Sustainable Environmental Practices

The restoration of traditions is accompanied by a series of workshops on sustainable practices. This process allows us to rediscover indigenous ancestral relationships between human and land and to cultivate the development of a sustainable lifestyle based on the conscious and responsible use of natural resources.

Auto-Construction of Living Spaces using Eco-Techniques

The objective of the self-construction of living spaces is the development of community infrastructure by means of methods based on community cooperation. In particular, we support the organization of groups that work through “tequio” or “mano vuelta.” All projects operate within a framework that reinforces the organizational structure of the community, strengthens its productive capacity, promotes social cohesion, and reaffirms its identity.

CC designs sustainable and progressive living spaces through participatory workshops that include community-members in the decision-making process. Thus, decisions are made based on inhabitants’ needs, ability to appropriate projects, and finances. Furthermore, community-members’ involvement encourages the use of traditional construction techniques and local materials, strengthening culture and self-sufficiency alongside the sustainability of the structures.

Eco-techniques are based on fundamental environmental, social, and economic needs, which comply with:

  1. Integral treatment of water: through the collection, storage, and treatment of rain and wastewater.
  2. Sustainability of air and forest: through the use of energy-efficient wood stoves that reduce CO2 emissions and deposit smoke outside kitchens, reducing respiratory illnesses.
  3. Composting toilets, which avert groundwater contamination and enable sanitary use of human waste for agricultural composting.

Productive and Economic Development

In search of community self-sufficiency, Cooperación Comunitaria supports productive projects that contribute to the development of local and regional economic networks. By bolstering autonomous production, we strengthen projects that allow inhabitants to improve and consolidate productive techniques and obtain high-quality products with commercial value in local and regional markets.

Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge

Through various forms of documentation, Cooperación Comunitaria seeks not only the oral transfer of indigenous knowledge, but also an expansion of written documentation. This will establish, in the future, a system that resists the deterioration and loss of knowledge, and considers culture to be Mexico’s most important, intangible heritage.

Food Security

Cooperación Comunitaria, through its program “Desarrollo Productivo y Económico,” supports nutritional self-sufficiency through the implementation and recovery of household farms that enable family autonomy.

Research, Documentation, and Records

Cooperación Comunitaria, with the support of its members’ experience, works to generate a bank of information that fosters the research and collection of our work and benefits academic development. Furthermore, our emphasis on documentation underscores an essential element in our theoretical-practical method: the generation of information and analysis to promote knowledge as an integral part of community development.

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