At Cooperación Comunitaria, we seek to improve the habitability conditions of indigenous, rural communities in Mexico by facilitating a sustainable self-management of the social, economic and environmental factors for rural development. We employ holistic approaches that recover traditional knowledge and improve the relationship between society and nature, promoting resilience and self-sufficiency.


Our vision is to contribute responsibly to our partner communities’ interests in reestablishing self-sufficiency and reducing vulnerability through the reclamation of traditional knowledge and appropriation of adapted technology.

Work Methodology

We foster self-sufficiency, and therefore emphasize the transfer of knowledge. Recovering social, economic, and environmental traditions requires identification, appropriation, and reproduction of these processes by individual inhabitants and entire communities. Cooperación Comunitaria’s goal is to withdraw from projects having built the capacity of communities to continue and reproduce them.


As a part of our diagnostic, we identify and assess the social structures that have consolidated community life, and recognize the lifestyles that result from the relationship between the community members and their environment. We analyze and incorporate traditional uses of space, local materials, and local construction techniques. As such, we design each project with the understanding of a community’s cultural identity, looking for strengths in order to face the challenges of new socioeconomic global models.


Economically, Cooperación Comunitaria identifies and promotes traditional productive methods such as “mano vuelta,” an economic model based on mutual cooperation that emphasizes self-production and reciprocity among the factors that strengthen community life. First and foremost, we employ economic models that improve our partner-communities’ qualities of life starting with their relationship to their lands.


Environmentally, we seek to reconcile the inhabitants with their environment in order to empower them to independently build sustainable living spaces. Therefore, we promote the self-production of environmentally sustainable eco-technologies, and identify best practices for the rational and conscious use of the common goods.

Our work methodology is to “teach by doing,” not only between Cooperación Comunitaria and the beneficiary population groups, but also among other communities.

Our methodology consists of 5 stages:

STAGE I: Identification, approach and assessment.
STAGE II: Project design and development.
STAGE III: Project implementation.
STAGE IV: Evaluation.

STAGE V: Follow-up.



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