Phase II of the Comprehensive Reconstruction Project


In September 2013, the storms Manuel and Ingrid simultaneously hit the west of the country, leaving in their wake more than 200 deaths and 230-thousand people affected. In La Montaña Region, located in Guerrero State, these events caused several landslides, damaged communication routes and infrastructure, and led to crop loss and irreparable damages in more than 5,000 adobe houses.

The two first years of the project’s first phase were achieved successfully in the community of Obispo.

For the past two years, the second phase has been implemented in three communities: San Miguel, Laguna Seca, and Moyotepec.

Project Objectives:

  • Perform analysis of landslide risk, and reduce the population’s vulnerability. slide-uno-habitat-proyecto-de-recosntruccion-montana-de-guerrero-mexico-cooperacion-cmunitaria-2015-2016
  • Community-led construction of a community center used as a traditional medicinal clinic. Construction of community centerserved as hands-on workshop for reinforced adobe construction technique.
  • Self-production by inhabitants of 72 homes,adapted and reinforced against earthquakes and strong winds in three communities.
  • Living quality improvement through thermal and acoustic insulation and better lighting of homes.
  • Community development.
  • Training of three community promoters in reinforced adobe construction technique and construction of eco-technologies (water-catchment systems, composting toilets, and ecological stoves) to provide technical assistance.
  • Reduction of deforestation through wood-saving stoves and composting toilets.
  • Reforestation and sustainable management of natural commons.


  • 3 community maps of landslide risk and 170 families aware of risk alarms.  4imagenes-pagina-cc-laterales-2a-fase-proyecto-montan%cc%83a
  • 320 people in 3 communities trained in construction techniques with reinforced adobe.
  • 1 Reinforced Adobe Construction Manual.
  • 1 Traditional Medicine Center constructed by community members.
  • 15 reinforced adobe homes adapted to geological, climactic, and cultural conditions of the region.
  • 84 wood-saving stoves with water tanks.
  • 25 ecological toilets under construction.
  • 3 community promoters who participate in technical training for home and eco-technology construction.

Three years after the hurricanes, La Montaña remains affected.

The La Montaña Region is home to 85% of the indigenous population of Guerrero and is considered one of the poorest zones of Mexico, with half of its population considered to be in “extreme poverty.”
Currently, 3,900 houses in 184 communities are still damaged.

Future of the project:

In light of the successes of the project’s first and second phases, Cooperación Comunitaria A.C. will replicate the project in nine additional communities in La Montaña upon the communities’ request.



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